News in 2013


Auditing: a strategic anchor for the industrys development

The General Meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs has highlighted the need to audit exhibition statistics in order to increase the effectiveness of industry-specific exhibitions as marketing tools.


Russian exhibition community meets in St Petersburg

Experts have noted that there has been growth in convention and exhibition activity, including that with international participation, in Russia over the past three years.


St Petersburg's business climate: clear skies in 2013

This year has seen St Petersburg consolidate its position as a leading region in terms of small business growth in Russia.


Russian business travel to be included in global ratings

In 2014, Russia will become the latest country to be covered in the Global Business Travel Associations (GBTA) influential reports, which include details on business travel spend worldwide.


Young people, as seen through their own eyes

Youth initiatives, innovative learning methods, different formats to build productive dialogue and exchanging experience were the subjects of presentations held at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex as part of the first YEKC: Youth, Education, Knowledge, City youth festival.


From St Petersburg to Barcelona: future prospects

Participants attending EIBTM, the largest international event of the meetings industry held in Barcelona, paid tribute to St Petersburg as an excellent location for global conventions and conferences.


A world of pets

St Petersburg today serves as a paradigm of how to treat pets well.


Exhibition industry business strategies to be discussed in South Korea

The Russian exhibition market's key areas for growth and opportunities to enter the world stage will be the subject of discussion at the 80th Congress of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in Seoul.


A RussianChinese energy alliance

At the Electrical Shanghai International Exhibition of Electrical Equipment, ExpoForum International discussed future cooperation with its Chinese partners.


World Gas Conference may take place in St Petersburg

Gazprom has submitted an official application to the Secretariat of the International Gas Union (IGU) to hold the XXVIII World Gas Conference (WGC) and the World Gas Exhibition (WGE) in 2021.


Auto Transport Forum off to a roaring start

Opening the first International Auto Transport Forum on 24 October, Alexander Prokhorenko, Chairman of the St Petersburg Committee for External Relations, named St Petersburg as the centre of the Russian car manufacturing industry.


Russian Government confirms special status of NEVA exhibition

The Government of the Russian Federation has given legal backing to the NEVA exhibition and conference held in St Petersburg.


Sport and culture in tandem

The Lenexpo Exhibition Complex has once again become a focal point for the worlds sporting elite: over the next few days it is hosting the Martial Arts and Combat Sports in the Modern World exhibition for the first time ever.


Exhibition organisers come together for health

The St Petersburg International Health Forum is not only a platform for effective professional communication; it also promotes the growth of the healthcare industry in St Petersburg.


Taking the lead

On the eve of its twentieth anniversary, the Festive Decoration. Advertising & Information exhibition presents the latest trends in the industry.


The art of effective management

Sergey Voronkov, who leads ExpoForum International, has been awarded a Manager of the Year title.


A Focus on Business Tourism

By all accounts, St Petersburg is the tourism Mecca of Russia. This makes it an important destination for industry professionals, who meet here to decide topical issues. The INWETEX exhibition is an ideal platform for this.


Innovations on show in St Petersburg

On 2 October, the St Petersburg International Innovation Forum and the Russian Industrialist International Forum opened at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


Golden Autumn: never too old to learn

More than 10 educational programmes for the older generation have been unveiled at the Golden Autumn: Learn and Live for a Century exhibition in two pavilions of the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


NEVA on the banks of the Neva

NEVA 2013, one of the largest exhibitions in the world to showcase civil shipbuilding and water transport, has opened at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex. This year, more than 650 companies from 30 countries are presenting their work and technologies in St Petersburg.


ExpoForum announces division of business

On 1 October 2013, ExpoForum will complete the restructuring of its business and the construction and exhibition sides of the company will become the responsibility of different legal entities.


ExpoForum to draw world cinema elite to St Petersburg

At the press conference dedicated to the opening of the Kino Expo International Convention and Trade Fair, the present and future of the film industry in St Petersburg was discussed, along with Kino Expos move to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2014.


Agrorus 2013 a reflection of Russias agro-industrial sector

The government officials, farming experts, and agricultural producers who took part in the Agrorus Exhibition and Trade Fair all came to the same optimistic conclusion: even under the conditions imposed by Russias membership of the WTO, Russian agriculture and its associated industries have the capacity to operate and thrive.


Agricultural St Petersburg

St Petersburg is Russias cultural capital and now it has been temporarily transformed into the agricultural capital as well, bringing together participants from 53 regions of Russia and 17 countries at the Agrorus 2013 Exhibition and Trade Fair.


The meetings industry driving the economy

Eighty experts from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and other countries gathered together for the first time in St Petersburg to discuss the future of the global convention industry. The summer session of the Central European Chapter of the ICCA, the leading international congress and convention association, began today at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


Church of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God speaks again

Commemorated on 10 August, the Day of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God saw the consecration and bell-raising ceremony at a church specially restored in the icons honour at the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Zoosphere expanding its borders

Participation in Zoosphere has been confirmed by 29 foreign companies from 17 countries as of 8 August 2013, representing 22% growth over the year prior.


Russian Tourism Gearing Up for Growth

President Putin signed a document on 30 July to lay out steps for increasing domestic and international tourism to Russia.


ExpoForum summarises results for first half of 2013

In the first half of 2013, profits from the companys congress and exhibition activities almost quintupled, and the profitability index increased 10% in comparison with the same period in 2012. In addition, the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex reached 34% operational capacity, exceeding last years levels by 4%.


Nobel Prize winning biochemists gather at Lenexpo

From 611 July, St Petersburg will host the Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) for the first time.


ExpoForum hosts one of the worlds leading exhibitions of naval technology and armaments

The official opening of the VI International Maritime Defence Show, one of the top three global events in its sphere, took place today at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


ExpoForum: powerhouse of Russias exhibition industry

Representatives of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, visited St. Petersburg in preparation for their upcoming open seminars, which are to be held in the city for the first time in the summer of 2014.


ExpoForum International hosts Russia-ASEAN Business Forum

On 22 June 2013, Lenexpo Exhibition Complex hosted the Russia-ASEAN Business Forum, aimed at developing trade and economic relations between Russia and countries in the Asia-Pacific region. ExpoForum International was the official organiser of the event.


Reed Exhibitions brings its largest events to St. Petersburg

From 29 to 31 May 2014, St. Petersburg will for the first time host INTERCHARM professional, the international exhibition of professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty salons.


Russia-ASEAN Business Forum will help strengthen bilateral relations

At a press conference ahead of the Russia-ASEAN Business Forum, Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Djauhari Oratmangun expressed his belief that the Forum will help to strengthen relations between Russia and the ASEAN nations. The Forum will take place on 22 June 2013 at St. Petersburgs Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.


St Petersburg to provide serious competition for Moscow in the exhibition market

Although the market for industry exhibitions in Russia is primarily concentrated in Moscow, the capital could face serious competition from St Petersburg in 2014 with the opening of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Industry experts to meet in St. Petersburg

Professional conference organisers and representatives of various congress and exhibition centres and convention bureaux from major European cities will meet in St. Petersburg from 22 to 24 August 2013.


ExpoForum to participate in leading Moscow exhibition

From June 68, ExpoForum will participate in the 7th International Forum of the Exhibition Industry, 5pEXPO, in Moscow. Visitors will have the chance to learn about the potential of the future convention and exhibition centre ExpoForum, and find out about major upcoming exhibitions.


White Nights, Arabian Style

Arabia-Expo and the 11th Russian-Arab Business Council will open at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex on 30 May. This will be the first time that St. Petersburg has hosted these events, which play a significant role in strengthening Russian-Arab relations.


SportAccord a source of new ideas for developing international sport

On 28 May 2013, the SportAccord International Convention was officially opened at Lenexpo On 28 May 2013, the SportAccord International Convention was officially opened at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex. St. Petersburg became the first Russian city to host representatives of Olympic committees and international sporting federations as they discuss global questions regarding the development of world sport.


Russia set to become centre of sports world

On 28 May 2013, the SportAccord International Convention officially opened its doors at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex, with over 80 participating organisations including sports industry representatives, host cities, and committees involved in planning and holding high-level international competitions.


SportAccord has positive impact on St. Petersburg economy

The SportAccord International Convention is taking place from 2631 May 2013 at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex. Experts speculate that the international sports summit, being held in Russia for the first time this year, will provide a significant boost to the St. Petersburg economy.


Theory and practice of landscape design at Lenexpo

Issues relating to functional landscape design, as well as the reconstruction and preservation of Russias plant nurseries, estates and gardens, were the key themes of the City and Flowers International Forum, encompassing a number of events relating to the latest developments in the fields of landscape architecture, floral arrangement and phyto-design.


ExpoForum draws visitors to St. Petersburg

The MICE industry opportunities in St. Petersburg have attracted the interest of European business event organisers.


St Petersburg Needs Quality Landscaping Projects

This was the pronouncement by Yuri Mitiurev, St Petersburgs Chief Architect, at the opening ceremony of City and Flowers, a forum focused on the landscaping, park infrastructure, and ornamental horticulture industries.


St. Petersburg is a strategic location for the Russian gas industry

Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom, gave the first speech at the opening ceremony of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.


Gas companies ensure production surplus in Russia

Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom, talked to journalists at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum about surplus gas production in Russia.


Gas exhibition opens at Lenexpo

As part of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, the following specialised industry exhibitions have opened in three pavilions at Lenexpo: ROS-GAS-EXPO, the specialised exhibition of the natural gas industry and technology for gas facilities; InGAS Stream, showcasing innovations in the gas industry; and Russian Gas Supply.


Russian equine breeders support children's equestrian sport

St. Petersburgs fifteenth Hipposphere International Equestrian Exhibition played host to a discussion of the current situation and the outlook for the equine industry in Russia. The exhibition was also a key event designed to support children's equestrian sport in the northwest of Russia.


St. Petersburg strengthens its position in the global meetings industry

St. Petersburg has jumped 19 places on the list of top host cities for major international events, ranking 60th in the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ratings for 2012.


ExpoForum takes another step closer to Europe

On 2123 May, ExpoForum will be participating in the IMEX international exhibition in Frankfurt-am-Main. The leading exhibition operator in Northwest Russia will be demonstrating the opportunities available for organising conventions, exhibitions, forums, and other events in St. Petersburg.


ExpoForum is a new growing point for infrastructure of Saint Petersburg

Increasing the capacity of Pulkovo Airport and the construction of the new Convention and Exhibition Centre are key current factors in the development of St. Petersburg.


New location for the Baltic Marine Festival

In 2013, Russias largest boat show, the Baltic Marine Festival, is changing venues: this years exhibition will take place at the Krestovsky Yacht Club. The sporting events will be held at the St. Petersburg Trade Unions River Yacht Club.


Energetika & Elektrotechnika Organizes Forum to Mark Anniversary

On 17 April the 20th Energetika & Elektrotechnika International Specialized Exhibition and the 1st Russian Energy Forum began at Lenexpo.


The Largest Ever Contract in the Energy Sector is Signed at Lenexpo

OAO OGK-2 and Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies signed a contract at the Energetika & Elektrotechnika International Exhibition for the long-term maintenance of the PGU-800 equipment at Kirishi State Regional Power Station the largest combined cycle power plant in Russia.


Growing prospects for Swedish business in St. Petersburg

Stockholm and St. Petersburg have held discussions on future collaboration in the convention and exhibition industry.


ExpoForum presents strategy for Russian-Swedish convention

ExpoForum will be taking part in the Russian-Swedish Modern Exhibition Technology and Software Convention, which is to be held in Stockholm from 1011 April 2013. Participants will discuss current issues and key trends in the development of the exhibition sector.


Demographic situation in St. Petersburg improving

On 28 March, Galina Kolosova, Vice-Chair of the St. Petersburg Social Policy Committee, announced at the opening of the Childhood Planet 2013 exhibition of goods and services for children and families that the demographic situation in St. Petersburg was changing for the better.


The future of the older generation

Specialists in the social and medical fields, well-known academics, politicians, company leaders, and representatives of voluntary organisations met at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex to discuss the issues facing the older generation.


New tasks set for farming cooperative movement

The foundations of a new model for the domestic food market were laid on 2122 March at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex during the first Russian National Farming Cooperative Congress, which was attended by 904 delegates and 162 guests from 80 Russian regions.


Environmental legislation arouses interest among specialists

Cutting-edge equipment and services used to address environmental protection tasks and ensure ecological safety were presented at an exposition covering more than 6,000 square metres as part of the XIII Ecology of the Big City international forum. The importance of the event in the industry was confirmed by the attendance of 2,500 specialists.


Minister of Agriculture pays tribute to historic Russian National Farming Cooperative Congress

On 22 March the Agrorus Regions national agricultural exhibition and the first Russian National Farming Cooperative Congress opened in St Petersburg.


Energy industry experts to convene in St. Petersburg

The Russian International Energy Forum will serve as the venue for the signing of major industry contracts, boosting innovation in the energy sector.


Childhood Planet to become planet of creativity

The far-reaching educational and entertainment programme of the Childhood Planet exhibition will be augmented this year by new events aimed at developing creativity among children and teens.


Energetika & Elektrotechnika 2013 attracts new exhibitors from abroad

The 2013 Energetika & Elektrotechnika exhibition will, for the first time, feature a number of international companies, including Kon?ar (Croatia), StarPower (Italy), Sahra Kablo (Turkey), Doha Cables (Qatar), and Pentair (Germany).


Leading exhibition operators are planning to remove from Lenexpo to ExpoForum

On the 26th of February, a number of issues were discussed at a meeting of St Petersburgs leading exhibition operators. These included matters concerning transport access to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, how to divide pavilions into zones for small-scale events, and rental policy.


A new boost for scientific development in St Petersburg

St Petersburg has the chance to become a major centre for scientific conventions.


Success by numbers

Representatives from more than 120 companies took part in the first in a number of seminars offering a unique training programme for exhibitors. Participants were provided with practical recommendations for all stages in the exhibition process: from planning budgets to processing new contacts.


Agrorus is expanding

In 2013, the Agrorus International Agricultural Exhibition and Trade Fair will be held in two stages. As well as the traditional end-of-summer event, part of the programme will be dedicated to rural cooperatives from all Russias regions.


Getting the most out of exhibitions

On 20 February a seminar will be held at the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex entitled Increasing the Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation. This is the first event in an educational programme for exhibitors developed by ExpoForum, which aims to help participants prepare for exhibitions effectively.


Lenexpo on film

A public service advertisement is to be filmed at the Festive Decoration. Advertising and Information Forum.


JUNWEX to shine brighter than before

The transfer of the major international jewellery forum JUNWEX St Petersburg to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2015 is a hot topic amongst exhibitors and visitors alike.


A specialized exhibition space for a growing industry

For the first time ever in St. Petersburg, the City and Flowers International Forum for the Landscape Industry, Floristry, Plants, and Technologies will take place on 2326 March, with the support of the St. Petersburg Government.


ExpoForumsFirst Appearance at Middle East Electricity

Energetika and Elektrotechnika, a key event in the Russian and CIS calendar, will be publicised during the 38th Middle East Electricity Conference in Dubai from February 1719.


Grown-up problems at Childhood Planet exhibition

The issue of child health will be a key theme of the business programme at the Childhood Planet exhibition, which is taking place in St. Petersburg on 2831 March.


Global Exhibition Industry Leaders Have Eyes on St. Petersburg

In 2014, more than 200 exhibition industry leaders from over 30 countries will meet in St. Petersburg for the UFIs summer training seminars.


State Expert Review Board approves first phase of reconstruction of Peterburgskoye Highway

The State Expert Review Board (Gosexpertiza) has approved the first phase of the reconstruction project for Peterburgskoye Highway, close to the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


ExpoForum expands exhibition work in partnership with SCO BC

Plans to host an exhibition entitled Foodstuffs: the SCO Brand in St. Petersburg have been added to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Business Councils (SCO BC) programme of events for September 2013. This decision was taken during an SCO BC Secretariat session in Beijing, following a presentation by leading Russian exhibition organiser ExpoForum. The company will organise the event under the aegis of the SCO BC.


Neva 2013 Exhibition Receives Government and Industry Support

The Neva International Exhibition and Conference, which will take place from 24-27 September 2013 at the Lenexpo Exhibition Centre, has been included in the list of events under the auspices of the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation.


Chinese companies to attend exhibitions in St. Petersburg

A series of business meetings organised by ExpoForum in China between 1721 January have resulted in a number of agreements designed to encourage Chinese companies to participate in Russian exhibitions.


ExpoForum celebrates its fifth anniversary

ExpoForum has very quickly become the largest exhibition organiser in the region with a 42% market share, the operator of the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex, and the developer for the construction of the new ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre is attracting major new projects to St. Petersburg

ExpoForums new facility is attracting major new projects to St. Petersburg, according to Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions Russian representative office Gregory Zaraisky, at the signing of an agreement finalising the terms for organising and running the PAP-FOR Russia exhibition at a new venue the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


An Inscribed Brick in a Church Wall

An Inscribed Brick in a Church Wall is the name of a campaign organised by the Foundation for the Restoration of Christian Cultural Monuments, of which ExpoForum is one of the founders.