ExpoForum - RSS feedPress centre - newshttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/“Think globally, act locally!”: ExpoForum hosts a celebration of Global Exhibitions Day.http://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/6/2152On 7 June 2017, the global exhibitions community celebrates Global Exhibitions Day. ExpoForum International employees joined the initiative and celebrated #GED2017 in true St. Petersburg fashion: in high style and high spirits.2017-06-07SMELT CELEBRATION IN ST. PETERSBURGÂhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/5/2151On May 13–14, the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex was the scene of the 15th “Smelt Celebration” festival, attended by more than 15,500 visitors. Chefs from St. Petersburg’s finest restaurants prepared smelt on outdoor grills and made “general ukha” according to a recipe by Alexander Menshikov.2017-05-15ST. PETERSBURG TO HOST BIG BUSINESS FESTIVALhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/5/2150On June 15-17, Petrovsky Arsenal in St. Petersburg’s Kurortny District will play host to the Big Business Fun Festival (BBFF), where the leading Russian and international speakers and business gurus will converge to share their priceless experience, drill down on business cases, and divulge the secrets of corporate cuisine.2017-05-10OKTOBERFEST ST. PETERSBURG STYLE: BEER FESTIVAL OPENS AT LENEXPOhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2149On April 29-30, Lenexpo will be hosting the Craft Beer Festival. More than 70 breweries will be offering roughly 350 varieties of the hoppy drink. Visitors will be able to taste the boldest variations of beer: smoky, fruity, strong, weak, and much more.2017-04-29THE WELDING EXHIBITION – A PLATFORM FOR INTERACTION AND PRODUCTIVE COOPERATIONhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2147On April 25, the official opening ceremony was held for the exhibition Svarka/Welding 2017. Over the course of many years, the event has been held on a biennial basis. Today, the industry is feeling the need to meet more frequently, using the convention-and-exhibition format as a platform for unification.2017-04-25THE 5th RUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL ENERGY FORUM AND 24th ENERGETIKA & ELEKTROTECHNIKA INTERNATIONAL TRADEhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2148The Energetika & Elektrotechnika exhibition features the participation of more than 150 companies from 21 constituent entities in the Russian Federation and 10 countries around the world. It is expected that the two days of the forum and exhibition will be attended by over 8,000 visitors. More than 2,000 specialists will take part in 30 events within the scope of the business and convention programme.2017-04-25LEADING RADIOLOGICAL SPECIALISTS MEET IN ST. PETERSBURGhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2146On April 21, ExpoForum hosted the opening of the Nevsky Radiological Forum. More than 3,000 professionals converged at the venue to share their experience and familiarise themselves with the latest advancements in the field of radiology.2017-04-21OPERATING RESULTS OF THE AGRO-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX FOR LENINGRAD REGION DISCUSSED AT EXPOFORUMhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2145On April 17, a meeting was held among the heads of organisations and enterprises in the agro-industrial and fisheries complex of Leningrad Region. Experts discussed operating results for 2016, as well as the targets and prospects for industry growth in 2017.2017-04-18ROAR OF ENGINES, MOTORCYCLISTS, BIKERS: THE IMIS-2017 EXHIBITION OPENS AT EXPOFORUMhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2144On April 14-16, the annual International Motorcycle-Industry Salon – IMIS – is being held for the first time ever at ExpoForum.2017-04-14ST. PETERSBURG’S GOVERNOR OPENS THE 12th INTERNATIONAL FORUM “OLDER GENERATION”http://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2143ExpoForum witnessed the start of the largest specialised event devoted to improving the quality of life of people in their “autumn years.” Taking part in the opening ceremony was Georgy Poltavchenko.2017-04-12SPECIALISTS IN THE AREA OF ECOLOGY, HOUSING AND PUBLIC UTILITIES MEET AT EXPOFORUMhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2142The International Forum “Ecology of the Big City” and specialised conference-exhibition “Russian Housing and Public Utilities” get started in St. Petersburg.2017-04-05VLADIMIR PUTIN COMES TO EXPOFORUMhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/4/2141Russian President and leader of the All-Russia People’s Front (ONF), Vladimir Putin, took part in the plenary session of the ONF Media Forum “Truth and Fairness,” taking place April 1-3 in St. Petersburg.2017-04-03PETERSBURGERS CHOOSE THEIR OWN HOMEShttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2140ExpoForum’s pavilion G launched the “Real Estate Fair” exhibition. The exposition consists of three sections, devoted to urban, suburban, foreign and resort properties – over 300 market players are on hand to showcase their offers.2017-03-31EXPOFORUM THROWS OPEN ITS DOORS TO LITTLE GUESTS ONCE AGAINhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2139“Planet Childhood,” a specialised exhibition devoted to children’s goods and services, has opened in St. Petersburg. The opening ceremony featured performances by young dancers from the production centre National Musical Corporation, and a participant in the Voice: Kids show – the Junior Eurovision semifinalist Sveta Bedyukh.2017-03-30HEILONGJIANG EXHIBITION COMPANY VISITS EXPOFORUM AND LENEXPOhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2138On March 29, a meeting took place between representatives of ExpoForum International and Heilongjiang Far East Conference & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.2017-03-29HILTON SAINT PETERSBURG EXPOFORUM WELCOMES ITS FIRST GUESTShttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2136March 27 saw the opening of the Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum, becoming the first Hilton Hotels & Resorts property in the Russian Northwest. The hotel is part of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, site of the annual holding of more than 200 different events – forums, conventions, exhibitions and sporting events.2017-03-27EXPOFORUM HOSTS RUSSIA’S LARGEST DANCE TOURNAMENThttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2137More than 3,000 dancers aged 4 to 65 converged on St. Petersburg from 60 Russian cities to take part in the 16th Russian Championship Competition in Modern Dance, held under the auspices of the All-Russian Dance Organisation (ORTO).2017-03-27SERGEI VORONKOV IS APPOINTED SPEAKER OF THE LARGEST ST. PETERSBURG BUSINESS FESTIVALhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2035Sergei Voronkov, CEO, ExpoForum International, will take part in the Big Business Fun Festival, where he will explain how participation in exhibitions boosts sales and creates a positive company image.2017-03-20"HUMAN RESOURCES. MANAGEMENT. SECURITY" EXHIBITION: STAKING ON SAFETYhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2033Participants of the "Human Resources. Management. Security 2017" Exhibition, which had perfectly aligned with the programme of St. Petersburg International Labour Forum, presented their latest breakthroughs in the area of labour safety.2017-03-15PEACE. LABOUR. MARCH. PETERSBURGhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2034The First International Labour Forum, a largest exhibition and workshop focusing on human capital, commenced its operation on the grounds of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.2017-03-15150 EMPLOYERS PARTICIPATE IN A JOB FAIRhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2031A citywide Job and Apprentice Position Fair was held on March 14 in Pavilion 7 of Lenexpo. The Fair operated not just as a venue where applicants met their potential employers, but also served as a training ground. Experts of the city Unemployment Centre held a score of events, including trainings, seminars and workshops, where they covered such issues as legal aspects of employment, social adaptation and provided on-spot career counseling.2017-03-14ST. PETERSBURG'S PARTNER REGIONS MEET IN EXPOFORUMhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2032The 11th St. Petersburg Partneriat for Small and Medium Business "St. Petersburg. Russian and Foreign Regions", an annual event promoting the development of economic cooperation and facilitating international and regional bonding has welcomed its guests in the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on Pulkovo Heights.2017-03-14SPRING PET EXPO OPENS IN LENEXPOhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/3/2030On March 11, the largest pet exhibition in the Russian northwest "Zooshow" welcomed its guests on the grounds of the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex. Pet lovers are offered an extensive programme featuring thrilling pet competitions, galas, contests and shows. They will also have an opportunity to receive advice of veterinary doctors and breeders.2017-03-111,000+ KNIGHTS CROSSED SWORDS IN LENEXPOhttp://expoforum.ru/en/presscentre/2017/2/2029RECON 2017, a winter knight festival, was held in St. Petersburg on February 24-25 for the first time ever. A medieval trade show featuring shops selling antique jewellery, weapons and household items, an exhibition familiarizing visitors with the art of reconstruction of historical events, hands on craft workshops and recreation areas have spread out on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.2017-02-27